How to recharge your weapon in The Falconeer

Refill your ammo using natural resources.

How to recharge your weapon in The Falconeer
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The Falconeer’s combat scenarios are true tests of your aerial prowess. You will need to use your weapon effectively when going into battle and, depending on what weapon you have and how intense a fight is, you might eat through your ammo quickly.

However, once a battle is over, you can recharge your weapon. Guns in The Falconeer are lightning, fire, or acid-based, so you can refill your ammo in various ways. The easiest way to recharge your weapon is to fly into thunderstorms. You can refill the glass pots on your falcon’s back with lightning energy as lightning energy is attracted to them.

Be aware, though, that you can overheat your falcon’s pots. You will know if they have begun to overheat if they turn yellow. Once they do, you only have a few seconds to leave the storm or fly down to the ocean surface. If you don’t, pots can shatter, and you will lose one of those that your falcon carries. The only way to regain pots is if you are killed, so it is in your best interest to keep hold of them all.

How to recharge your weapon in The Falconeer

You can also refill your pots during certain battles. Fortified positions, which have been commandeered by pirates, have turrets on them. Destroying these turrets drops fire-based refill pots. If you fly close to these, you will replenish your pots with fire energy. Fire energy sets enemies alight, which can make them easier to kill.

Finally, you can reload your ammo pots through traders at various island outposts. You can purchase lightning, fire, or acid ammo from different vendors. However, you will need splinters to buy them, and some shopkeepers will only do business with you if you have the required business permit for that island. You can buy permits from your home base or at islands allied to you.