How to recruit Monica as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A great defender approaches.

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There are plenty of characters you will meet as you make your way through Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You may start with a party of six individuals, but that quickly changes to seven as you unlock the different heroes. Any of the heroes you unlock can take up the role of the seventh member of the squad. Hidden amongst the chaos of the game is Monica. She takes up the role of the Lost Vanguard class. Unfortunately, you will need to wait a little while before you can unlock her.

Where to find Monica in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You won’t meet Monica until chapter five, so if you aren’t there yet, you may need to wait a bit before running into her. Don’t worry; you will meet Monica as part of the story when you make your way to Swordmarch.

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As you make your way into the Great Sword, Monica will join you and take up the seventh slot in your squad. She will stay in your party for a little while before you progress onward and go to the Cadensia Region. At this point, you will be able to make your way back to Swordmarch to pick up Monica’s hero quest.

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How to recruit Monica

If you are looking to recruit Monica, you will need to head to Swordmarch and make your way to the War Room elevator. You will have gone down this elevator earlier in the game. Just outside the elevator, you will find two NPCs with the info symbol over their heads. Listen to their conversation to unlock the Guernica Vandham discussion topic.

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Discuss the topic at a resting spot, and you will unlock the Vandham’s Heir hero quest. During this quest, you will need to pick up the belongings of some of the people of the town out in the Aetia region. The items are easy to grab and marked by magnifying glass symbols.

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After collecting all the items, return to Swordmarch and go to the Remembrance Stones. This will initiate a cutscene. At the end of the cutscene, you will unlock Monica as a hero.