How to recruit Narve Oparyn in Triangle Strategy

Y’know what your party is missing? A young, flamboyant mage.

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Who knew so much power could be wrapped up in such a young, small package? If you haven’t heard already, he’ll definitely tell you — Narve is the grandson of the great wizard Grandante. He’s a mage learned in all the elemental arts, being able to cast wind, fire, ice, and lightning spells. Like many other side characters in Triangle Strategy, Narve is obtainable by strengthening Serenoa’s convictions.

Narve can be recruited as soon as character stories unlock after chapter five and Serenoa has strong enough convictions to recruit him. When on the world map, you should get a prompt to press the + button and listen to new character stories when they appear. Your convictions can be strengthened by specific dialogue options or by doing the mock mental battles in the encampment. If you’re having issues with recruiting Narve, try redoing some of the mock battles, as you can participate in them an infinite number of times. It is not yet clear whether or not Narve is associated with any of the three deciding philosophies: morality, liberty, or utility.

Narve is an incredible unit, possibly one of the best in your party, so try to recruit him as soon as you can. His versatility with magic makes him indisposable, especially if teamed up with Julio, who can give him extra TP. Prepare yourself to hear a lot about the archmage Grandante.