How to refill your Energy in Metroid Dread

It’s good for your health.

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Samus starts her Metroid Dread adventure like all her other ones, with a small amount of energy — 99 to be exact. Energy refers to hit points or life in the Metroid universe, and it is reduced every time Samus gets hit by an enemy attack or through environmental effects. Here’s how you can refill it, so you stand a better chance on ZDR.

There are multiple ways to heal in Metroid Dread. You can use Energy Recharge Stations, Total Recharge Stations, Energy Tanks, and Energy dropped from dead enemies or destroyed items.

Energy Recharge Stations

Energy Recharge Stations show up as purple indicators on the map. Once you encounter one, stand on the white glowing area in front of it to automatically trigger the refill animation.

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Total Recharge Stations

Total Recharge Stations are similar to Energy Recharge Stations, but they refill Samus’ Energy and missiles. They can be found throughout the map in later areas of the game once you unlock a few upgrades.

Energy Tanks

Energy Tanks and Energy Parts are hidden throughout the map in various locations. Collecting four Energy Parts will restore Samus’ Energy and increase her maximum Energy bar by 99. A single Energy Tank will do the same.

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Creatures and Objects

Killing a creature, boss, or destroying a harmful projectile will reward Samus with a small amount of Energy as well.