How to remake in Valorant

It all goes wrong quickly, sometimes.

Sometimes things go wrong, especially when trying to play games on the internet. Connections can fail, routers can die, and we suddenly find ourselves loading into a 4v5. This is no good at the best of times, and it’s incredibly stressful during a placement game, but fortunately, Valorant has a way to deal with it.

If any player disconnects at the start of a match, from the start of the buy phase to the end of the first round, it is possible to request a remake. Doing so is simple, and all players need to do is type /remake in the chat.

Every connected player on the team will then be given the option to vote on the remake call, and if everyone selects yes, the game will be remade. This will restart the match, replacing the player that disconnected and returning this to a 5v5.

The remake vote will need to be cast by all players before the end of the buy phase in the second round, or else the match will simply progress to the next round and you will be testing your skills with a deficit of players.

If the remake is successful, players will not receive XP, RR, or MMR adjustments for the match, and the player who left will get a leaver penalty.