How to remove a Bad Omen in Minecraft

A bad feeling about this.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You want to watch out for several negative effects in Minecraft that can cause disastrous effects to your character. One of these is the Bad Omen. When this effect happens to your character, a raid appears when your character enters a village. In addition, you’ll receive the Bad Omen status effect when you defeat an illager captain or if your tamed wolf defeats one. So how do you remove a Bad Omen once you have it?

There are multiple ways to remove Bad Omen, making it fairly easy to manage, so long as you’re quick on your feet and capable of avoiding any nearby villages. Essentially, any method you can consider to remove a status effect will remove Bad Omen, such as drinking milk or having your character die. These are the best methods, and to keep yourself from having to find your dead body, we highly recommend you chug a bucket of milk to remove Bad Omen safely.

You can receive a bucket of milk by milking a cow or a goat. These are of the best animals to have nearby in your base, especially if you ever find yourself consistently being hit by small status effects. We did attempt to use a bottle of honey to see if this would remove Bad Omen for your character, but it does not. A bucket of milk or dying is the best method to quickly remove it and avoid having a raid occur while visiting a village.