How to Delete a PS4 Account


The PlayStation 4 is a neat little system, one with potential to run some great games. But it also gives you the ability to set up several accounts on one system, in case more than one person feels like gaming on it.

But what happens when you need to delete an account off your system, like if the friend goes and gets their own or you simply don’t want to keep them on there? Not to worry, as you can delete their account with ease by following these basic steps.

Deleting a Not-Needed PS4 Account

First, make your way into settings and look for an option called “Login settings.” You’ll notice it in the picture below.

Next, once you’re in those settings, go down to the option “User Management.” It’ll be located at the bottom, right beneath Login Passcode Management.

PlayStation 4 Removal Account

Once there, you’ll see two options. The first is “Create User,” in case you want to put someone new in the system; and “Delete User,” which will take someone off. Obviously, you’ll want to go with the second choice.

From there, simply select the profile that you want to delete from the account, and then confirm their removal. Done!

Something To Keep In Mind

Just a quick note that if you do remove a person’s profile from the system, you’ll also remove any save data that’s associated with it. So if they have a particular save file for a game, it’ll be long gone, since the account it was under has been removed.

If you want to keep any of these save files before you remove the account, make sure you go in and have them transferred, either to system memory (under a different profile) or onto an external memory option. Remember, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Make sure you get all the data you need from the profile before it’s removed. After that, you’re all set, and you can focus on the profiles that matter.