How to repair items in New World

Look after your gear.

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Your weapons and equipment are going to degrade in New World slowly. This can happen throughout your time in the game, and you’re going to want to replace them or repair them at some point. These items are going to require items and coins to return to their former glory. Other equipment you use can be repaired, but their overall durability will lower each time you repair them. This guide details how to repair items in New World and how that works.

Whenever you want to repair an item, all you have to do is highlight it in your inventory and click the ‘repair option’. When you highlight that you want to repair, you’ll see a small detail of all the requirements that you need to meet to repair an item properly. For weapons and armor, it’s going to cost repair parts and coins.

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When it comes to tools, those do not appear to require any repair parts or coins, but it lowers the item’s durability each time. Whenever you use a tool out in the world, the durability slowly degrades, forcing you to repair it far more often than you would a weapon or armor.

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If you need to acquire repair parts, you will need to salvage and break down armor and weapons you do not need. In addition, you may need to finish up quests that reward them or craft many of them yourself at a forge.