How to repel Velkhana in Monster Hunter World Iceborne


Monster Hunter World Iceborne relies on a similar core premise as the mainline game: an Elder Dragon and the drama surrounding it. This time, we have Velkhana, a beautiful icy Elder Dragon with formidable freezing abilities. Much like in the first part of the game, players will encounter this Elder Dragon fairly early as the plot unfolds.

First reported by Twinfinite, players will find themselves in an early battle with Velkhana during the main quest of the Iceborne expansion. During the quest, appropriately named “A Tale of Ice and Fire,” players investigate why Velkhana is appearing only to encounter the Elder Dragon in a sudden fight.

Don’t worry about slaying Velkhana at this time. There’s no way you’re leveled enough for it and the story won’t let you anyway. Instead, do a little damage, but your main focus should be staying alive and dodging attacks. Eventually a cutscene will play and relieve you of the conflict.

This isn’t the last you’ll see of Velkhana in Iceborne so expect future interactions that may not be as quick as this one.