How to report a player in Apex Legends Arenas mode

Nip toxicity in the bud.

Arenas Report Screen

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends is a fun game with a decent community as far as online playerbases go, but that doesn’t mean it is without its toxic players, harassers and cheaters. This means it is important, especially in a long-lasting game mode like Arenas, to have an easy way to report players. The new and improved report system added in the Genesis Collection Event update allows you to report other players at any time during the round or match. Here is how to report a player in Arenas.

Reporting a Player

The map screen. It has the challenge tracker in the top left corner, the map in the middle, and the scoreboard in the top right corner.
Image via Respawn
  1. Go to the brand-new in-game scoreboard. You can view it on the right side of your map screen like in the picture above
  2. While on the map screen, press the prompted button (defaulted to space for keyboard players, or Y for controller players) to open the report screen
  3. From the report screen you can report any player who isn’t you. This means you can report enemy players for hacking/cheating, but also teammates for the same or for toxic voice or text chat
  4. Once you have located the offending player in the list, hit the report button
  5. You will then fill out a report following the on-screen steps, the same way you would in any other Apex Legends game mode