How to rest and pass time in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Nap time.

When you are not exploring various caves and dungeons or tending your crops, you will find that you need to pass some time. Nighttimes in the early games are interesting, because you cannot fight the demons that inhabit the caves, and the rest of your new family is all asleep, so there is not that much to do.

The good news is that you can rest, but it’s not entirely evident how to do that. While the house contains two rooms, going into them won’t do anything. You might catch a spider, but that is it. If you want to rest, you will need to do it outside the house.

At the very front of the house, you will find a small raised area with a rock in front of it. As a god, Sakuna does not actually need to sleep, she will simply sit and pass the time. Hit Y to sit down, then select how many hours you wish to rest for. The time will pass, and you will then be able to go about your business, doing whatever you wish.

Resting will be very important in the early game, as you will not be strong enought to take on the various demons and monsters that inhabit the island at night time. You’ll need to potter around the farm as much as you can, then pass the rest of the time by resting until morning.