How to Restart Order Missions in Death Stranding

Not everything is going to be perfect in Death Stranding. You can expect the same treatment from players’ orders, where they accept to complete a delivery and promise to have it done it within a certain amount of time. However, not everything is likely going to go to plan. When this happens, players may want to start over and give it another chance. Luckily, there’s the option to give things another try. While you can’t precisely start over, you can give yourself a fresh start. Here’s how you do it.

How to Restart Order Missions in Death Stranding

You can have any number of terrible things happening to Sam while he’s out delivering a package. The goods can get damaged, and the cargo can be unuseful for the party seeking to receive them. It doesn’t pay to provide someone with a broken package with all of the contents shattered.

When you find yourself with a little time to spare, you can have the cargo to return to you in mint condition. To do so, go into the Options menu and go into the Orders selection. Go to the delivery order you’re currently working on and have you hit the “redeploy” command. Hitting this is going to resummon the supplies Sam is going to delivery in the condition it first started at the beginning of the journey.

That’s all there is to it. Players also have the option to go through the effort of attempting to repair them, but it could take a bit of time. Redeploying the supplies could be the most cost-effective and more straightforward in the long run. However, you cannot redeploy a package if it gets completed destroyed. You’re going to need to wait for the mission to come back up from a cooldown period to try again.

For players who are fed up with a specific contract, they always have the option to cancel the current job they’re working on at the time. Players have to go into the same menu they’d venture through to “redeploy” the package, but instead, choose to cancel the contract.

There’s plenty to do in Death Stranding, with lots of ways to earn Likes and rebuild the broken world. Good luck, players.