How to return tools to the pegboard in Kill It With Fire – Organize Tools objective

A worker is only as good as his tools.

Kill It With Fire

Screengrab via tinyBuild

Amongst the destruction and chaos of torching every living arachnid that you can find, Kill It With Fire also presents a unique set of objectives that aim to bring back a little organization to proceedings. One such objective is the Organize Tools objective in the game’s third level, Domestic Duties.

In Domestic Duties, you start the game in the kitchen of the house and work your way through a couple of the objectives to make your way through the utility room before venturing into the garage. In the garage, you will see the car and two objectives that you can pick up and add to your clipboard. One asks you to “take care” of the barrels, and the other asks you to reorganize the tools on the work board.

Firstly, avoid the temptation to explode the explosive barrels first, or you may find that it will simply make finding all of the smaller tools harder to spot. Save this for after you have completed the objective for organizing the tools.

For the tool board, all of the tools are in the garage and are scattered on the floor, on shelves, and in the toolbox. Anything that looks like a workman’s tool is worth picking up and checking, but the tool board does show outlines of each required tool.

Once you have a correct tool for the board, its place on the board should be highlighted, meaning you will know that it goes on there. To add to it, simply walk up to its position on the board and press either the left mouse button or E on the keyboard. This will place it on the board. There are 15 tools overall, and they should all be easy to find within the garage. After placing the last one, it should pop the objective completion for you.