How to revive squadmates in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Return to the fight.

Image via BioWare

The combat in Mass Effect Legendary Edition can be a little hectic. You might find one or both of your teammates falling in battle, and you’re left as the last one standing. Luckily, there is a method to revive them and bring them back into the fight without waiting for combat to end. Reviving squadmates is different from healing them. You cannot revive teammates with Medi-gel. That only happens in Mass Effect 2 and 3.

With the first game in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you have to wait until you become a Spectre and gain the Spectre Training talent tree. You’ll need to place at least four skill points into this tree and unlock the Unity ability. Unity is how you revive your team. The base version brings teammates back up with 30% health and 50% shields. These stats boost each time you gain an upgrade version of the ability, with the best being Master Unity, which requires you to devote 12 skill points to unlock it in the Spectre Training tree.

We highly recommend you at least devote four skill points to unlock Unity. You will find many of the more difficult encounters in Mass Effect problematic if you cannot revive teammates. When your teammates are back up, you can then use Medi-gel to bring them back to full health, even if Unity doesn’t.