How to romance the Wraith in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Ding dong man is kind of hot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is a comedy romance visual novel where you can date some of the Killers from Dead by Daylight. One of the romance interests is the Wraith. Although he may be an annoying Killer to deal with in the original game, in Hooked on You, he’s actually an absolute sweetheart with a story that will pull at your heartstrings.

How to successfully romance the Wraith in Hooked on You

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Wraith is a shy guy, but he will open up to you once the two of you get closer. Here are all the choices we made in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim that allowed us to successfully romance him.

  1. Your first few choices up until you decide what location you want to go to, such as digging up the face and whether or not you give the Narrator the gold coin don’t have an impact on the story.
  2. Pick “Mint Chip” so you don’t get an early bad ending.
  3. After meeting the Killers and you have the option to pick where you want to go, you’ll want to go to the pool.
  4. Pick “Goggles and snorkel.”
  5. Select “Hands off.”
  6. You’ll be asked to play a quick minigame where you need to find Wraith underwater. If you do well, you’ll impress him.
  7. Select “Have some fun.”
  8. After yet another minigame, the Killers will want to know why you aren’t eating your food. Pick “I’m sorry.”
  9. The next day, you’ll be alone with Wraith. Be honest with him and say “No.”
  10. When Wraith shows you his bell, hold it delicately.
  11. At the campfire, select Wraith to be the one to tell a story. After he tells his story, ask about it.
  12. Later on, Wraith will come up to you and ask you about the man from his story. You’ll want to choose the option “I would forgive him.” Wraith will ask if the character reminded you of anyone to which you say “Yes.”
  13. Invite Wraith to spend some time with you by the campfire.
  14. The next day, Claudette and Dwight will ask you about how you like it on the island. Just say that you’re having a lovely time and agree to sign their non-disparagement agreement.
  15. You’ll have the option to pick between the Wraith and another love interest. Obviously, go with the Wraith here.
  16. While with the Wraith, break the silence with him. He’ll ask you what brought you to this island. Answer honestly and say “I have no idea.”
  17. We picked the option “Mix those potions.”
  18. Wraith will ask you about your family. Say that you remember your grandmother.
  19. Ask Wraith what the table’s for. Then smile at him.
  20. You’ll then play a game of cornhole with Wraith. If you do a decent job, you’ll impress him.
  21. The two of you will the play Truth or Dare. In this section, we picked the following choices: Dare, “Hmm, great question.”, “Cactus.” It’ll finally be your turn. Select “Show me something.”
  22. When you get back to the beach, Spirit will try to tell you to back off from Wraith and go for someone like her instead. Pick “You’re a hypocrite.”
  23. Wraith will then eventually take you to his secret lair. What you investigate here doesn’t matter. When regrouping with everyone, we picked “Say you had a great time” since Wraith lair is supposed to be a secret.
  24. It’ll be time to tell another story at the campfire. You’ll want to agree to tell a story. Here, we picked Adventure. The game will ask you if that’s all you had to say. Select “You were just kidding” and then tell a personal story. Eventually, you’ll be asked to choose a Killer to tell a story. Select Wraith.
  25. Again, select Wraith when the option comes up.
  26. Pick “Ask what’s wrong.”
  27. Select “Suggest throwing a frisbee.”
  28. When Wraith is crying, give him a hug.
  29. You’ll be asked to get rid of someone. You can get rid of the other Killers.
  30. Claudette will ask you who you want the flowers to go to and spend the rest of the day with. Select Wraith.
  31. Tell Wraith “You could never disappoint me.”
  32. Feel free to pick up the coin here!
  33. You’ll be tasked with finding Wraith’s bell, and you have to go to three locations: The Black Lighthouse, Huntress’ Cabin, and Trapper’s Cave. The order in which you go to them doesn’t matter, but what you do at each location does.
  34. When you go to the Huntress’ Cabin, tell her you’re that you’re pranking Wraith. You’ll then be asked to play a quick minigame.
  35. Inside Trapper’s Cave, ignore the voice and look around. Feel free to take the gold coin you find. But when the game asks you if you want to look further, don’t. Here, you can either bribe him or tell him you’re pranking Wraith. Either option will allow you to escape the scene alive.
  36. When you go to investigate the Black Lighthouse, Trickster will invite you to the Other Island. It doesn’t matter what you say here.
  37. Eventually, you’ll be led to the Spirit who has Wraith’s bell. Here, you just have to play a minigame in order to get back the bell.
  38. Select “What are we finishing?”
  39. After some alone time with Wraith, you’ll meet his Grandma Abi. You’ll have to impress her with a minigame and by answering some of her questions to prove that you truly love her grandson. For the answers pick “A statue of a horse” and “Cactus.” After this, she’ll ask you to play a game of your choosing. Select cornhole.
  40. To get Wraith’s good ending, you have to select “Accept Wraith’s Love.”
  41. To get Wraith’s bad ending, you have to select “Reject Wraith’s Love.” Then pick “Tell him the others were right about him.”