How to run in Roblox Demonfall

Reach your targets and slay them much faster.


Image via Fireheart Studio

Roblox Demonfall is a game in which you need to slay demons and rise to help humanity whilst losing your sense of self. It’s a deep game that players can become engrossed in more than many other Roblox titles. Whatever path you choose to take, you’ll always lose a part of yourself. However, the game’s controls aren’t very clear for newcomers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how to run and do a few other things in the game.

How to run in Roblox Demonfall

To run in Roblox Demonfall, you need to double press and hold the W key. You can also press the Q key to get a quick burst of speed from a dash move. If you’re unsure of the other controls in the game, we’ve included the basics below.

Roblox Demonfall controls

The following are the game’s default controls.

  • Block: F key
  • Breathe: G key
  • Dash: Q key
  • Execute: B key
  • Heavy Attack: Right Click
  • Light Attack: Left Click
  • Lunge: Left Click while running
  • Meditate for Skill Tree: M key
  • Run: Double pres and hold W key
  • Menu: Tab
  • Rush: C key
  • Toggle Emote: H key
  • Shoulder Bash: F and Left Click
  • Unsheathe Sword: R key