Roblox Demonfall Codes (September 2022)

Fight for survival against all odds with a little help.


Image via Fireheart Studio

Demon Slayer fans have a chance to play through a Roblox adventure inspired by the Anime in Roblox Demonfall. Here, you’ll learn to fight, explore, and develop your skills to defeat the evil plaguing the land. You’ll find the battle against the demons is a hectic one, and you’ll want every advantage you can take to fight them off. A good way to do this is by redeeming valuable codes for exclusive rewards. These are the best Roblox Demonfall codes you can redeem.

How to redeem Roblox Demonfall codes

When you’re ready to redeem any of the available Roblox Demonfall codes, you’ll want to start by launching the game application on your preferred profile. Next, you need to find the chatbox on the upper-left portion of your screen. You have to type in the code and then wait for the rewards to arrive in your account. Unlike other Roblox games, Roblox Demonfall does not tell you if a code was successful or not.

We recommend you seek out the development team in their Discord channel at Fireheart Studio. You will need to verify your account when you arrive at the Discord page for them to allow you access, opening up additional channels with Roblox Demonfall community members.

Working Roblox Demonfall codes

The following list contains all the codes we know to be working in Roblox Demonfall. These codes will cycle out, and we will attempt to update them and be as timely as possible to ensure you receive all rewards.

  • No codes presently available

Expired codes

  • !code 150KLIKES – Redeem for Combat Potion
  • !code TWITTER1 – Redeem for Wipe Potion
  • !code 100KLIKES – Redeem for Breath Indict and Muzan Blood
  • !code wipepotion – Redeem for Potion Wipe
  • !code resetpoints – Redeem for Points Reset

Why won’t my Roblox Demonfall codes work?

If you’re having problems redeeming your Roblox Demonfall codes, there are several reasons this could be happening. You might encounter this problem because the development team at Fireheart Studio has cycled the old ones out with new ones. The old ones will no longer work, but there should be a few new ones for you to use. It’s possible these codes cycled out between when we’ve updated this article, and we’ll be adding updates in the future. The other reason could be you’ve already redeemed those codes on your Roblox account. Many of the posted codes can only be redeemed on an account once.

There are other Roblox games you can play that come with multiple codes you can apply to your account. We recommend checking our code articles for Roblox Base Battles, Roblox Bakon, Roblox Gorilla, and Roblox Viking Simulator for more rewards across other Roblox games.