How to save gold on Orboreal Shards in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Use your persuasive powers to keep your wallet full.

Image via Blizzard

Making legendary items is one of your true callings in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, but it doesn’t come cheap. Your base items start with the purchase of Orboreal Shards. Normally, you can purchase these from several vendors in Oribos, but at 125 gold per shard, this adds up quickly. To save you some gold, here are some recommendations on where else you should shop for Orboreal Shards.

Reputation Discounts on Shards

The vendors listed below will offer markdowns on the price of Orboreal Shards depending on your level of reputation with their faction (Ascended and Wild Faction). Here’s a quick reference for how much you could save:

  • Friendly: 118 gold, 75 silver (5% off)
  • Honored: 112 gold, 50 silver (10% off)
  • Revered: 106 gold, 25 silver (15% off)
  • Exalted: 100 gold (20% off)


Inside Hero’s Rest, look for the bird vendor named Zotimos. They’re allied with the Ascended, and you can find them located at 52.3/46.5. the helmet clearly means they are an important businessbird.


You can also meet up with Jann’lor in Ardenweald. His outfit makes this almost literally a cloak-and-dagger deal, but head to 49.1/53.2 to find a better bargain with The Wild Hunt on Orboreal Shards.


If you’re playing a goblin character, you won’t have to worry about your reputation with The Ascended or The Wild Hunt. Thanks to the Best Deals Anywhere racial trait, you’ll automatically get the 20% discount if you purchase your shards from Jann’lor or Zotimos.