How to save people from drowning in a pool in First Class Trouble

When things are not going swimmingly, lend a hand.

Image via Invisible Walls

In First Class Trouble, you will run into quite a few situations where the environment is as deadly as the Personoids you are trying to expose. Whether it’s a fire or a maneating plant, you need to rely on others to save you if you get too close and personal with these dangers. At the Resort level, there are pools that people can fall in (or be pushed into) that will end in them drowning. Here is how to save them.

When on the Resort level of First Class Trouble, there are a couple of pools that anyone who falls into will begin splashing around and have a timer showing how long until they drown on their screen. There is no way for them to save themselves. Instead, if you hear or find someone struggling, you can lend a hand.

On the side of the pool will be a lifebuoy. All you need to do is walk up to it and interact with it before they go under. If you do so, they will automatically be pulled onto the deck beside you. It does not matter where they are in the pool; just activate the animation, and your character will throw the ring out to save them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While doing this, be sure to look out for anyone nearby who might try to push you in alongside them.