How to get and use the Scanner in First Class Trouble

Find out if you can trust them or not.

Image via Invisible Walls

Every time you play First Class Trouble, you will find yourself questioning everything the other players around you are doing. Every match begins with eight total people, and two of them are actually Personoids, robots disguising themselves as humans to kill the other Residents. There are certain things that clue you into who is being truthful and who is faking, but there is only one way for the game to tell you outright what role each person plays. Here is how to get and use the Scanner in First Class Trouble.

While many items in First Class Trouble appear randomly throughout each area, the Scanner can only appear in the Emergency Airlock. These areas have a locked door with a console to the left. One person will need to hold the door open through the console and complete skill checks to keep it open. If they fail a check or stop using the console, the door will close, and anyone who is inside will be blasted into space, so be sure that you trust whoever is using the console before you walk in.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Inside the Airlock, there is usually a Scanner to either the left or right near the end of the room. Occasionally, you can also find Keycards and Passage Logs in these rooms.

When you have the Scanner in your inventory, pull it out and interact with another player to scan them. Once the scan is complete, the game will tell you if that player is a Resident or Personoid. Beware, though, if the person using the Scanner is a Personoid, they can lie to the other players about what it said and declare a Resident a Personoid or vice versa.

Screenshot by Gamepur