How to shut down or save C.A.I.N. in First Class Trouble

Can you trust the remaining survivors?

Image via Invisible Walls

While most games in First Class Trouble will end with either the Residents or Personoids dying, there is a way to end the game by reaching C.A.I.N., the central hub that controls the Personoids. Depending on what side reaches it,  This will be the final deciding factor in which side wins or loses. Here is how to either shut down or save C.A.I.N. in First Class Trouble.

Before you can reach C.A.I.N., the match you are in needs to proceed to the third and final round. The first round always begins in the suite section, the second is a larger area that players vote on, and finally, the C.A.I.N. area. If all Residents have died, the game will end on its own, but even if all Personoids are dead, the game will have to be concluded by voting between rounds that they are gone or everyone dying.

When the final round starts, you will have a couple more chances to decide who you can trust and who you can not. To the right is an airlock that someone will have to complete skill checks to open for others to go inside and grab a Scanner and Passage Log. The Escape Pods are also here.

Straight ahead from the level’s beginning is a bridge with C.A.I.N. on the other side. Someone will need to hold the bridge up while others walk across. When someone reaches the other side, they can hold the bridge from there. Beware, though, if a Personoid gets to the other side, they can easily shut the bridge down while the others cross and kill them all.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once everyone has reached the other side, they all need to interact with the C.A.I.N. terminal. For the Residents to shut C.A.I.N. down and win, everyone interacting with the terminal has to be a Resident. If even one person is a Personoid, C.A.I.N. will be set free, and the Personoids will win.

Screenshot by Gamepur