How to kill other players in First Class Trouble

Eliminate the enemy (hopefully).

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In First Class Trouble, two teams are trying to win the game before being wiped out. On the Resident’s side, they are trying to survive and reach C.A.I.N. to shut down the robotic impostors, slowly killing them. Those Personoids will use various tools to sabotage and take the Residents out one by one. Both sides have ample opportunities to kill each other, including the people on their team. Here is how you can kill other players in First Class Trouble.


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The first and possibly most common way to kill other players is to strangle them. However, this is a two-person job that will need both people performing the action to commit to it. First, someone will need to grab the victim. Then another person will need to walk to the front of them and hold the prompt that says Co-op Kill. If both players hold them long enough, the person being held will die.

Overdose Syringe

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Overdose Syringes are the most common way for Personoids to kill Residents. Personoids will have the Syringe location pointed out to them and can grab it from the dispenser. They can then use that item on a Resident to instantly kill them. Residents can not interact with the dispenser, so if you see someone working to grab one, they are a Personoid. If you kill someone and they drop a Syringe, you will also have confirmation that they are a Personoid.

Environment kills

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On the second and final level in each match, there will be areas that can be used to kill other players. Most commonly, these areas include fires, electricity, and bridges that can be deactivated to drop people to their deaths. The Emergency Airlock rooms can also be shut on anyone inside and launch them into space.

Special cases include the pools in the Resort that people can be pushed into and drown, the man-eating plants in the Gardens, and Casino has chandeliers that Personoids can drop on people. Additionally, Restaurant has a walk-in freezer that will kill anyone locked inside.


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There are a few things that Personoids can sabotage throughout the second level in each round. The most common sabotage targets are the Oxygen Stations littered throughout the area. Every time a Personoid sabotages these, the Global Oxygen bar will fall significantly. If the Oxygen reaches zero, the game will end with all Residents dying. Another common sabotage is the Gas Leak. If a Personoid causes this, the Residents have to repair two gas leak locations before the timer runs out and everyone dies.