How to save your game in Mortal Shell

There’s no save button here.

Mortal Shell

Image via Cold Symmetry

When it comes to Souls-like games, checkpoints are commonplace. It’s usually signified with a campfire or a point of significance that you can go up to and trigger, and this will create a save state and respawn point for you to come back to if you die in-game.

In Mortal Shell, you have a few options when it comes to creating save games. Firstly, you can activate one of the game’s dormant masked woman statues, Sester Genessa. These act as checkpoints to the game with which you will return to after death, but also provide some lore information on the game as you collect items and interact with them more often. 

They can also be used to recover health, and you can use your Tar and Glimpses currency to add upgrades to the combat skills of the current shell that you occupy. However, any enemies that you have killed up to the point of activating the statue will respawn. 

Secondly, when moving between the game’s instances, a save state will be created that allows you to return to where you entered the area within the current instance. For example, if you enter one of the game’s dungeon areas, it will bring you back to this point if you are killed before reaching another Sester Genessa statue.

Finally, it’s not always convenient to make your way to a new instance or find a statue if you need to save and exit, so the game will also make a save state when you exit to the main menu. You will return to a Sester Genessa statue or the start of an instance when you reload the game, but you will retain the Tar that you collected from before your save.