How to save your game in Subverse

Saving your game is easier than you think.

Subverse Mary Celeste

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you progress through your adventures with the Captain and the crew of the Mary Celeste, you will begin to see the game open up more like a game with traditional RPG-style options for improving the ship. You will also unlock more crewmates to add and improve your in-game level and the amount of PP you have, allowing you to purchase more of the game’s lewd scenes with the game’s female characters.

The game doesn’t give a clear indicator of where and how to save in the game. When you go into the pause menu with the Escape key for the first part of the game, it will show you the Save button at the bottom but will often tell you that you can’t save manually in this particular area.

Thankfully, you do not need to worry about losing your progress as the game automatically saves your game as you complete each section. This means that if you want to stop at the start of a story section, you can do so knowing that you will come back to this part when you load the game back up. You can also skip entire story segments if you wish to get through them quickly.

The save option in the menu will open up later in the game if you want to use the manual save feature during combat segments, but the game itself will save after each major section of the game you complete.

You can then choose to pick up where you left off or load from the beginning of the last mission from the menu.