How to save your game in The Survivalists

Don’t lose your progress.

The Survivalists

One of the basic functions of any game is being able to save it unless you are playing a roguelike. The Survivalists is not a roguelike and instead is about trying to live after you end up on a deserted island. Because nothing is easy when you are fighting for your life, you cannot just save your game; instead, you need to engage with some of the game’s mechanics to build yourself a way to do it.

To save your game in The Survivalists, you will need to make a bed. This is a pretty complex process, so we will go through it step by step.

Step 1 – The Hand Axe


The first thing you need to make is the Hand Axe. This is made from two pebbles that you can find lying all over the island. Just hit C to bring up the crafting menu, then click on the Hand Axe icon to built it.

Step 2 – Straw Bundle and Rope

Up next, you need to make a Straw Bundle and some Rope. You can make the straw buddle by using your Hand Axe to break down a bush or some tall grass and using the long grass that drops. The rope is made from two long grass, while the straw bundle is made from three long grass.

Step 3 – Comfy Padding and Makeshift Bedsheet

Now it is time to make some comfy padding. You will need two long grass, a straw bundle, one rope to make this. You will need three more long grass to make a bedsheet.

Hit R to open the construction menu, then select the Flimsy Bed and place it wherever you like. When you choose an area to build it, you will need to interact with it, place the comfy padding, then make the bed itself, and, finally, place the bedsheet. You can then jump into bed and get the option to save, sleep, or do both.