How to save your progress in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

No turnabouts here.

Image via Capcom

Episodes in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are long and require a lot of attention to ensure you present the proper evidence and facts to solve each case. Starting each case will need at least about five hours of your time to get through in its entirety, with only a few breaks in-between. However, that is not feasible for some people. Here is how to save your game in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles without needing to hit designated save areas.

How to manual save

While The Great Ace Attorney does have designated save areas that will ask you if you want to save when you reach them, those can be hours away from where you want to stop and save your progress. To save your game whenever you want, pull up Options. You can do this in the middle of a speech, just wait for the dialogue to finish typing out, and you can press it.

Is there

If you need a break or just simply want to come back to a specific point in the story, be sure to save. There is an autosave function, but it will only save in-between scenes, so if you rely on that, you might need to get through a long stretch of dialogue to return to where you were before.