How to see friend’s wishlist on Steam

Finding the perfect gift for your friend.

Steam has a robust social framework with a plethora of features including social profiles, feed, and a lot more. It has been one of Steam’s most unique features that other launchers have not been able to replicate as of now. One of the quite useful store features is the Wishlist option.

For those who are unaware, Wishlist is basically an option to add a game to your list which you want to buy later. Steam will also notify the user if the game is available at a discounted price. It is very useful for keeping a track of the games you are interested in. In fact, you can also view the wishlist of your friends. Here is how to do it.

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the Profile of the friend you want to see the wishlist of.
  • Click on Games on the extreme right.
  • In the Games screen, you will see four tabs, including Recently Played, All Games, Followed and Wishlist.
  • Click on Wishlist.

This will display the friend’s wishlist. If you are looking to gift your friend a game, this is the perfect way to find out the games he or she might be interested in. You can also sort the list by Price, ranking order, and a lot more. It also shows the date it got added to Wishlist, which might help in further streamlining your choice.