How to set up GShade for VRChat

Push your VR experience as far as possible.

image via VRChat Inc.

VRChat is a game that allows many players to get together and experience new worlds through unique avatars in VR. It’s a title that feels truly experimental but also grounded because it boils down to being a game where people talk in open spaces. The beauty of the game being a PC exclusive is that it can be modded and enhanced with shaders. This guide explains how to set up GShade for VRChat, one of the most powerful shaders on the market.

How to install GShade for VRChat

Image via VRChat

Developer Gposers has made installing Gshade incredibly simple. VRChat is one of the games that GShade is fully optimized for and working with, so all you need to do is head to the official GShade website and install it. You can find the Windows and Linux versions of GShade on the site, so pick which one you require and download it.

Once your download has finished, you’ll be able to open the GShade installer. Once again, what follows is a relatively simple process. First, you need to click “Yes” and choose the location to point GShade to. The correct location is the .exe file for VRChat since that’s what GShade needs to work with. Finally, you need to go through the boxes for selecting your executable architecture, Windows 32 bit, for example, and your graphics API, such as DirectX12.

How to use VRChat with GShade

Image via VRChat

With GShade installed, you can now open the program and mess around with the specifics. The big red button on the opening screen is what you’ll use when there’s an update, but it should tell you that there aren’t any available if this is a fresh install. You can go through the sections on the left-hand side to add or remove certain shaders, depending on the experience you want. There are VRChat shaders already built-in, but you’ll likely want to turn off the ones for games like Final Fantasy 14 so that you don’t accidentally enable them in-game.