How to Skip Cutscenes in Death Stranding

The cutscenes are going to be a significant part of how players learn about the story in Death Stranding. They’re a big component of the game. Anyone who has played any of Hideo Kojima’s games knows how much he adores his cutscenes and telling a significant story. However, if you’re playing through the game again or you’d like to run through certain parts, you can skip these troublesome scenes with a quick process. Here’s what you do.

How to Skip Cutscenes in Death Stranding

The cutscenes in the game come in different forms. There are the traditional ones; almost all video games have where players are going to watch their characters speak to other characters, and it acts like a movie. Some games have players use their controller to control what the main character is doing during these scenes, but players are not going to run into any of those in Death Stranding. There’s also small cutscenes players can bypass where they’re turning in materials to get processed or turning in items for deliveries.

To skip a cutscene, all players have to do is hit the “Options” button on their PlayStation 4 controller. Doing so brings up a small menu with only two options on it. The first is for players to continue playing the game, and the other is to skip the cutscene. Players who choose to skip the cutscene are going to rush forward to next where they can manually start clicking on things in-game using their controller. This process can bring players back to another conversation with an NPC, or a gameplay sequence. Whenever a cutscene is happening, though, players have the option to move through it and avoid it.

If players are feeling that they’re not interested in hearing NPCs talk, they can hit the “X” button and quickly rush through conversations with NPCs. You may want to make sure you have the subtitles turned on for this option, though. If you miss something during a conversation, you may have questions about what to do next. But, with subtitles, players should be able to read faster than listen to what they’re going to say.

That’s all there is to it. The cutscenes can feel a bit lasting because Kojima’s games do feel like a movie. But those who enjoy that experience are going to have a good time. Death Stranding’s cutscenes are beautiful, and they answer a lot of questions players may have about the game’s lore.