How to solve Apex Legends stuck preparing download/patching files error

It happened to us, so you are not alone.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It is time for a new season of Apex Legends. This means new weapons, a new Legend, and a whole new update to download. Many players are running into issues trying to download it, however.

If you are getting stuck on a message that tells you the update is “preparing”, we have trawled through the EA forum to find similar incidents, and the various fixes that EA has advised for people who are stuck with the same problem.

1) Clear your cache

The easiest solution that EA has to offer is to clear your cache using this method.

2) Disable Antivirus and Firewalls

According to EA Support, antivirus and firewall programs can interfere with the process, so disable any that you have running and try the update again.

3) User Access Control Settings

EA also suggests checking the user access control settings, then trying the update again.

  1. Close the Origin client. 
  2. Click the Windows button and type “UAC” in the search field. 
  3. In the User Access Control window, click and hold the slide bar —slide it to the lowest setting available. 
  4. Click Ok at the bottom of the window. 
  5. Open the Origin client and try updating again 

4) Repair the Game Files

Clicking on the options cog in Origin, then repairing the game files is something of a last-ditch effort, as it takes a while, but EA also suggests trying this.

  • Cancel the update in the client
  • Click Application Settings in the Origin options menu
  • Disable “Automatic game updates”
  • Relaunch the Origin client
  • Right click on Apex Legends in the library
  • Hit the Repair option

If none of those steps help, then the issues almost certainly stem from a server-side failure, and the unfortunate news is that you will simply have to wait it out, and bide your time until EA resolves the issue.