How to spawn your ship in Starbase

Lost your spaceship in the vast universe and confused about how to spawn a new one?

Image via Frozenbyte

Starbase is a space simulation MMO that boasts an infinitely expanding universe. Players essentially play as space troopers and explore the vast universe of the game by piloting their spaceships. However, it is possible that you lose your spaceship or it gets destroyed. In that case, you need to spawn a new one, and here is a guide explaining the ship spawning procedure in Starbase.

Image via Frozenbyte

Every player in the game gets a spaceship by default. However, if you want to spawn a new one, simply head to one of the ship terminals and interact with it. Ship terminals are scattered throughout the universe, and it’s not hard to spot one. Once you interact with a terminal, you’ll get the option to spawn one of the available spaceships. Keep in mind that spawning a spaceship that isn’t available at that particular terminal will cost you 500 in-game credits

Alternatively, you can redo the “Repair Job” tutorial and get access to the default spaceship. To do so, simply press Escape and open the settings menu, followed by selecting the tutorial option. Here, you can select and redo any of the previously completed tutorials.

Finally, you can also outright buy a brand new spaceship from the Sunny Ship Center. However, buying a new one can be very expensive and won’t be possible in the game’s early stages. Furthermore, you also need many materials to assemble the spaceship, which can be tedious to farm.