How to Start Control’s New Expeditions DLC


Looking to dive into the new game mode for Control but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

How to Access Expeditions

You won’t be able to access the mode until you have completed the main mission: “My Brother’s Keeper.”

Go to the Central Executive area of the game and look around for a Jukebox Token to pick up. Once you do, talk to Arish and proceed to the side mission that will take Jesse to the Formation for the first time. Once you finish that, you can play Expeditions at any time by using your Jukebox Tokens on the jukebox machine.

How to Get Jukebox Tokens

While you have to find your first token, you earn the rest through doing various activities in the game. These activities include completing Bureau Alerts, Board Countermeasures, and killing named enemies. You can also craft them at Control Points as well, and completing an Expedition grants you with one or more, depending on the difficulty of the Expedition.

What are the Difficulties in Expeditions?

There are three tiers of difficulty in Expeditions. Tiers are unlocked sequentially, so you will have to start at the lowest difficulty. Once you beat that tier, the next one unlocks.

Expeditions is the hardest content in the game, so be sure to upgrade as much as you can, bring the best mods, and pack the best Service Weapon you can.

Each Expedition also comes with a random modifier that affects both you and the enemies. These could increase your health or the amount of damage an enemy takes.

How Do Expeditions Work?

Once you start an Expedition, you will have 25 minutes to complete the four arenas. If you die, you lose progress in that arena, and if time runs out before you complete them, you lose your Jukebox Token. You cannot start a new Expedition without a Jukebox Token.

Completing an Expedition grants you with powerful rewards, including mods, rare crafting materials, and a new outfit for Jessie. You will also get a scorecard at the end to use for bragging rights.

With this, you are good to go to tackle Control‘s most significant challenge to date.