How to start seasons in The Division 2

The first season in the Division 2 is underway.

The Division 2 has a new method for players to extend their playtime in the game and gain new levels. Their version of the battle pass is called a season, and the first season has begun. Everyone who purchased Warlords of New York will have access to it for free, but moving forward, every season costs $10.

To start playing the first season, you need to have purchased Warlords of New York. After that, you need to go through the campaign of the expansion where you take down rogue agent Aaron Keener and his four different warlords. When you defeat a warlord, you can gain access to new a skill your Divison agent can use, such as the new decoy ability or the chemical launcher.

When you beat Warlords of New York, return to the main Settlement in New York to speak to the Seasons Officer. You can find them right next to the crafting table. From here, you can talk to them about how to proceed through the 100 levels of the current season, how to access the new Manhunt, and see the upcoming content coming to The Division 2, such as the new leagues and global events.

You can expect to visit the seasons officer regularly over the next few weeks as new events rollout. Make sure to check out your seasons level on the right side of the screen when speaking with the season office to check out the rewards you can receive for completing challenges and participating in events.