How to start the Carmela Montez bounty in Red Dead Online

La Muñeca is the latest target for Rockstar’s online spinoff.

Image via Rockstar Games

Carmela “La Muñeca” Montez is the new leader of the Del Lobos gang, as well as your newest bounty in Red Dead Online.

To start this bounty, you’ll need a Prestigious Bounty Hunter License. If you don’t have one, you can purchase this at the same bounty board where you pick up the mission for Carmela Montez. Once you have your Prestigious license in hand, select the bounty poster for La Muñeca, and set off on her trail. You’ll start a cut scene, and after that, you’re ready to hunt.

Rockstar has placed a 50% extra payout on all bounties during the debut of Carmela Montez’s mission. You can maximize your bonus by taking on Infamous Bounties, which are three parts long. Discounts are also available at Gus’ Store, and if you’ve purchased Outlaw Pass No. 4, you’ll obtain 5,000 XP and a pair of rewards, with both containing an Ability Card for free.