How to start the Greymoor chapter quest The Gathering Storm in The Elder Scrolls Online

Western Skyrim awaits.

The Elder Scrolls Online introduces a new chapter to the game. Players have the opportunity to explore Skyrim, the much-loved fantasy region of the game from The Elder Scrolls V. Now; you have the chance to play it online, explore a new storyline, and adventure around the region with others. There are multiple ways to start this quest and to begin your journey in the game. Before you can start your journey, you do need to pay for the DLC expansion. You can purchase it directly from The Elder Scrolls Online store, and you do need the online game to access it. 

After you buy the game, the most straightforward way to start the first quest is to accept it from your collections. Open your character’s main inventory and go over to the collections tab. From the Collections menu, go over to stores, and choose to accept The Gathering Storm quest. The quest takes you to a boat where you can venture to Western Skyrim.

Alternatively, you can use a Wayshrine to take you directly to Western Skyrim. There should only be one available Wayshrine choice before you venture further into the region and unlock more. You can also find a cart outside of Elden Root, Mournhold, or Wayrest that will take you directly to Western Skyrim.

When you arrive in the region, you need to speak to Brondold. He’ll give you some papers, and send you on a new quest in the Western Skyrim region. There are plenty of things for you to do moving forward, so don’t remain idle.