How to start the Guardian Games in Destiny 2

Let the games begin.

The Guardian Games have arrived to Destiny 2. You need to earn medals for your chosen class in an array of competitions to see who can come out on top after a series of competitions begin. The Guardian Games have arrived in the latest update, and if things have cleared, you are good to go. Who do you need to visit to start things off?

You need to find Eva in the tower. You can find her right at the center of the tower as soon as you arrive. Approach her at the central area, and you’ll have a quick cutscene speaking to her about the Guardian Games and learning about the history of it. You can expect to encounter other notable figures during the first quest to start the Guardian Games.

Once you finish the dialogue, you receive the quest to start the Guardian Games. You need to go and visit Zavala, who you can find to the left of Eva, a short distance behind her. Speak to Zavala, and he’ll get you started on your first steps to partaking in the games. You will likely want to revisit Eva during the festivities to purchase items she has on her vendor.

After speaking to Zavala, he has you choose one of the three cloaks for your Guardian. Pick one, and then equip it to proceed to the next series of quest steps and obtain a medal by visiting Eva once again.