How to summon and find the Megalodon in Sea of Thieves

They’re always hungry.

A terrible beast to find in the open waters of Sea of Thieves is the Megalodon. It’s a massive shark much larger than the ships you sail on in the game. These creatures are difficult to take down, but you can overcome them. While some players have noted to defeating them on a single ship, by themselves, most of the time, you will want to fight them with a full crew.

Those looking to summon a Megalodon will have no such luck. Finding a Megalodon in the game is all about luck and exploring the sea. You won’t find it near any outposts, seaports, or shipwrecks, so make sure to stay away from these locations. You can only find it in the middle of the open ocean. You will know when you are about to have a Megalodon encounter based on the music that is being played in the game, and shortly after the music plays, the massive shark will appear.

There are five different variations of a Megalodon.

  • The Hungering One: It’s the most common of the Megalodon. It has a blue top, a white bottom, and has green eyes.
  • The Crested Queen: It’s slightly more difficult to find in the game. It has a dark purple top, white bottom, and purple eyes.
  • The Ancient Terror: It’s a moderately rare version. It has a dark grey coloring of scales, yellow fin and eyes.
  • The Shadowmaw: It’s a rare version of the monster and distinctly different. It has a jet black body, with a red fin and eyes.
  • The Shrouded Ghost: This is the rarest version of the Megalodons. It has a sickly white body, with pink fins and eyes.

These are the distinct coloring and names of the creatures. Each encounter with one, while the same color may vary in terms of behavior and appearance, such as the various scars and stripes adorning its body. Some may even act more passive, or aggressive. You won’t know until you know a Megalodon has spawned near your ship.

Upon defeating a Megalodon, you will receive three to 12 pieces of treasure, four pieces of Megalodon meat, and provides a massive boost to your Trading Company Emissary if you are currently sided with one of them at the time you take down the creature. You can avoid a Megalodon encounter by sailing close to an outpost, seaport, or island or by visiting a shipwreck.

A Megalodon’s difficulty comes from the type of ship you are using, not the number of crewmates you have with you. If you want an easier fight against this creature, you might want to take a smaller ship, such as the sloop or the brigantine, rather than using a full group to fight on a galleon.