How to survive the cold in The Eternal Cylinder

Don’t freeze your tiny Trebhum head.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Eternal Cylinder is a game about the constant struggles of a tiny species to survive in a world that’s out to kill them while a colossal Eternal Cylinder is slowly destroying that world. Before that structure even has a chance to kill your Trebhums, you’ll encounter the environmental hazard of the cold. You need to¬†adapt to survive, and this guide explains how to do that.

How to survive the cold

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you enter the snowy biome in the world, your Trebhums will shiver and start to die. Their red health bars will appear and begin to deplete, putting a limit on the amount of time you can spend here. You need to find the furry plants growing from the ground and harvest them. After you’ve picked one of these purple plants, eat it. Your Trebhums will then quiver before evolving long hair.

The long hair on your Trebhums helps them survive this harsh, frozen environment. You’ll now be able to explore at your leisure. So take in the sights and see what else you can find to help you throughout the long journey ahead. There’s no need to rush now that you can stand around in the snow indefinitely.