How to switch to Japanese voices in Tales of Arise


Tales of Arise gives players the choice to use either the English or Japanese voice-over. Some people prefer to play a game in their native tongue, while others are huge fans of listening to the original Japanese voice work and using subtitles.

Whatever your preference, switching to the other is quick and simple to do. The language can initially be set when you launch the game the first time. You will get an option to select between Japanese and English voice work, so pick whichever one appeals to you.

Should you want to change it after that, you will need to exit to the main title screen. There, you will see an option called “Voice Selection”, and you can then change the audio track that you are using from there. If your Japanese is not up to snuff, it is a good idea to ensure that the subtitles are on when you make that change.

Subtitles can be switched off and on in the main menu while playing the game. Hit the pause menu, then select Subtitle Display from the list and set the appropriate option. After that, you can change the options around as often as you like, so experiment with them until you find something that suits you.

Even fluent English and Japanese speakers may prefer to play the game with subtitles on, as loud audio effects during cutscenes and combat may impact the clarity of the audio.