How to talk to ghosts in Phasmophobia

A spirit speaks to me from beyond the grave.

Certain ghosts and spirits in Phasmophobia will directly communicate with you. We’re not talking about attacking you or hunting you but talk back with you during your investigation. Unfortunately, only speaking to them through a microphone won’t cut it. You need a helpful device to pick up any communication from a ghost, and if you don’t have the item equipped, you can’t hear them.

To talk to a ghost, you need to have the spirit box equipped. It’s a small radio that is continually switching between AM stations. While you have it in your hand, anything you say into your headset or microphone is sent out into the game. If one of the ghosts speaks back at you through the spirit box, you’ve narrowed down your search of what it is. However, you need to make sure none of the lights are on in the room, and your flashlight is off. The ghost won’t respond to you otherwise.

You need to keep your commands and communication short. Ghosts don’t reply too well to everything you say. It’s better to keep it small questions, such as, “Where are you?” and “Are you here?” Primarily, you want to make sure the lights are off in the room where you suspect the spirit is residing.

Those running into issues with talking into your microphone, return to the main menu to make sure the microphone you’re trying to use is set up. Another microphone could have defaulted for Phasmophobia. You can adjust which one you’re using in the menu, and if that’s not being picked up, you may need to exit the application to see if the microphone is properly working.

With the spirit box in hand, you should hear the ghost talking back to you after asking your questions.