How to tame a boar in Valheim – Hearth and Home update

You can domestic these wild animals.

Image via Iron Gate Studio

There are a handful of animals you’re going to encounter during your first few hours of Valheim. Boars and deer will be a common sight for you, and these creatures have plenty of useful resources on them. You namely want to hunt them for their raw meat, the deer hide from the deer, and the leather scraps from the boars. They can be a little tricky to find, though. Of the two, you have the opportunity to tame the boar and have it become a domestic animal, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort.

The process of taming a boar is tricky, and it’s changed since they were initially introduced in the game. If you’re looking to tame boars following Valheim’s Hearth and Home update, you’re going to need feed them cultivated carrots. You can find carrots in the Black Forest biome, and then you need to bring them back to your garden to grow. These vegetables take a few days to grow, so you might need to wait a little bit before you can hand them out to your boar army.

Once you have several carrots harvested from your garden, you’re ready to take them to a boar you find in the wild. Boars are typically pretty aggressive to nearly everyone, so you might want to lure them towards a pen you’ve created and then lock them inside. When they’re inside, you can toss them carrots, and they’re going to start eating those until eventually you fully tame the creature. When you want them to breed with another boar, you’re going to need to feed them both before they’re ready to breed a piglet for you.