How to tame a boar in Valheim

You can domestic these wild animals.

Image via Iron Gate Studio

There are a handful of animals you’re going to encounter during your first few hours of Valheim. Boars and deer will be a common sight for you, and these creatures have plenty of useful resources on them. You namely want to hunt them for their raw meat, the deer hide from the deer, and the leather scraps from the boars. They can be a little tricky to find, though. Of the two, you have the opportunity to tame the boar and have it become a domestic animal, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort.

The process of taming a boar is tricky. You need to do it with the food you find growing naturally in forests, such as mushrooms or berries. Unfortunately, if you have the item on your hotbar, clicking the item does not feed the creature. It has your character consuming it. Instead, what you need to do is toss it on the ground, and if the boar sees it, they will eat it. When this happens, yellow hearts will appear over their head, and they’ll start to act calmer towards you. We recommend feeding it to them while sneaking, so crouch down when you toss it on the ground.

However, that’s not the complete end of it. That’s only the start. The boar needs to consume quite a bit of any of the plants to become tamed to you. You need to reach 100% attraction with that boar, which can take quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, we jumped the gun, and the boar became startled and started to attack us again. The boar will continue to regularly attack you until it reaches 100%.

Players have been luring the boars into preset pens and cages and closing the entrance behind them. They then toss the food on the ground, waiting for the boar to become domesticated. This is a good approach when you have a location you’re satisfied with and don’t plan on moving to a new home. When the boar is domesticated, you can feed them carrots when there are two boars together and create baby boars, allowing you to farm leather scraps and raw meat.