How to throw out stealing base runners in MLB The Show 21

Master the art of stopping the opposing team cold.

Image via San Diego Studio

The art of the steal can be a great weapon, not just in baseball in general, but also in MLB The Show. In MLB The Show 21, throwing out base runners attempting to steal can be a big boost, especially if doing so takes the opposition out of the inning without a run. So, how do you throw out base runners attempting to steal in MLB The Show 21? Let’s go over what you need to know.

First off, you’ll want to get familiar with the meter in MLB The Show 21, which looks like an arrow. When a runner attempts to steal, you’ll see this meter pop up next to your catcher.

To throw out a runner who’s attempting to steal, you should press the button that corresponds with the base (i.e. to throw to second, press Y/Triangle). However, keep in mind that to get the right accuracy, it will help to hit the button right when the white line that’s part of the meter hits the green zone.

If you’re new to MLB The Show 21, throwing out base runners consistently will take time. First off, it just takes time to get used to the meter, plus how quickly it shows up.

Additionally, it also helps to know that base runner speed and arm strength plays a role. If the base runner has strong speed, it will be harder to throw him out. Likewise, a catcher with good arm strength will have a better chance of throwing out the runner.