How to train staff in Two Point Campus

Continue learning skills.

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The various staff working for your university in Two Point Campus strive to be the best they can be for your students. Although your staff, the Teachers, Assistants, and Janitors come to you with multiple skills and talents, they can improve on those skills. They can become more efficient by increasing their skill through training. In this guide, we’re going to cover how you can train your staff in Two Point Campus.

How staff training works in Two Point Campus

You will need to set some money aside and prepare to create a Training Room. This is an area exclusively used by your staff. Regardless of your staff only using it to improve their skills, we recommend increasing its prestige as comfortably as possible. Ideally, you want to settle around a level five Prestige level, but anything higher is always encouraged as long as it fits your budget and your campus size.

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It is required for the training room to be 4×4 with a door and a training pod, the most critical items for creating this area. You can set them down at any location. However, the startup cost of making this room is 40,100, which can be a hefty price. You might find it better to set this money aside during your second or third year running a campus, especially when playing in Sandbox mode. The cost of this room primarily comes from the training pod item.

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Beyond the many items you can place down to improve the attractiveness of this room, we also recommend adding training monitors or brain jars to the room. Both of these items will enhance the learning power of the occupants who use the training pod, making your job easier. The learning power does not increase by too much, but every bit counts significantly when you begin to upgrade the training pod. Training your team does cost money.

You can assign your staff members to visit this location throughout the school year. You may end up building two of these rooms to accommodate the number of staff who wish to undergo training.