How to Trip The Boy in The Puddle in Untitled Goose Game


The goose in Untitled Goose Game is a menace. All it wants to do is cause trouble in the small little village it lives next to and drive the residents mad. A particular task on the goose’s to-do list is to trip the boy in the puddle.

You find this boy in the High Street area, which you gain access to after wrapping up things in the garden. A young boy is playing with a toy plane near a bus stop.

All you have to do is come up to him in the side and begin honking at him. The noises you make will cause him to run away in terror. You want to lead him to the left side of the map toward the exit of the garden. There’s a puddle near there. When he arrives at it, pull away for a moment to give him a second to rest. You want to make sure he’s standing near the edge of the puddle.

The boy will calm down for a second, gathering himself. When he’s doing this, rush up to him and pull at his shoelaces. When you pick at his shoelaces, he should start to run away from you again, but he won’t get far. The boy immediately falls in the puddle, likely losing his glasses in the process.