How to turn off Deathloop’s subtitles

Get rid of those words quick.

Image via Arkane Studios

In an immersive game such as Deathloop, it can be quite distracting to have subtitles hovering in front of the first-person action. The feature is certainly welcome as it allows gamers with disabilities and hearing problems to play the game too, but for the general consumer, it can be frustrating. Thankfully, you can turn them off.

At any point in the game, pause to reveal the in-game menu with the Options (Start) button on PS5 or the ESC key on PC. Then, move your cursor down to “Options.” Typically in most games, subtitle settings are displayed under “Audio,” but in Deathloop, you’ll find them under the HUD toggle. Scroll your cursor down to the bottom of the list where HUD is and press the X button or left-click.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, you should be able to see your subtitle settings. You can choose to use subtitles for all dialogue, main dialogue (which gives you the most crucial elements of the story), or none whatsoever. You can change them to you’re liking by hovering the cursor on either the left or right arrows.

If you still want subtitles on but want them slightly smaller. you can also alter them from small to large, depending on your tastes and situation. Subtitles background opacity alters the black bar behind the words to make them clearer on screen. You can remove the box altogether by reducing the opacity down to 0.