How to turn off haptic feedback, vibration support in Destruction AllStars

Reduce stress on your hands and joints.

How to turn off haptic feedback, vibration support in Destruction AllStars

Image via Sony

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Destruction AllStars’ chaotic gameplay seems tailor-made for the PlayStation 5’s haptic feedback and vibration functionality. The clashing of metal, pedal-to-the-metal speed, and gradual vehicular destruction means that the PS5 controller’s trigger effects and rumble feature will help to immerse you during matches.

For some players, though, these features make their gaming experience worse. Those with joint, hand, or arm pain will want to disable these options in order to play Destruction AllStars without any problems. It is worth knowing, then, whether Lucid Games’ vehicular combat title has accessibility features that allow you to turn vibration and haptic feedback support off.

Unfortunately, Destruction AllStars doesn’t come with its own accessibility settings. However, you can disable these features in the PS5 system settings. If you experience pain in your hands or arms, you may have these turned off already. If you don’t and want to know how to disable them, follow these steps:

  • Go to your PS5 system settings
  • Head to the Accessories menu. Open it, and scroll until you see the Controllers sub-menu
  • Open it, ook for Vibration Intensity and Trigger Effects Intensity, and toggle both options into the “off” position
  • Load up Destruction AllStars and join a match

There are options to reduce the intensity of both features if you still want both to function in a smaller capacity. However, turning them off makes playing matches far easier from an accessibility point, so do this if you struggle with these features.