What are Shards in Destruction Allstars?

Power up.

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Destruction Allstars is all about smashing up your enemies and earning points. While you are busy speeding around the track, you will notice some pink shards floating in the arena, along walls, and on platforms. If you are wondering what these do, they are an objective that you can go after while you are on foot.

One of the main aims for any player in Destruction Allstars is to build up enough charge to call in their signature vehicle. A signature vehicle can give you a major edge over the competition when it comes to earning points.

When you are on foot, you can jump to platforms, wall run, and do all manner of acrobatic moves to try and get to these shards. It’s a good idea to eject from any car that is about to explode by hitting X, and if you can you should do it when in a position to land on a platform and grab some shards.

From there, wall run or jump to the next group of shards before deciding whether you should jump in another car, or try to grab a few more shards if you are close to calling in your signature vehicle.

An uniterrupted run of shards can actually net your more charge towards your signature vehicle that smashing up some other cars, but you won’t earn any points on the leaderboard for doing it. You need to try to time everything perfectly, and then take advantage with your signature vehicle to go on the point earning rampage.