All drivers, breakers, and signature vehicles in Destruction Allstars

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Destruction Allstars features a colorful cast of characters, all with their own signature vehicles. Each driver, and signature vehicle, has a Breaker ability, a unique skill or attribute that will inform their playstyle and give you a tactical edge in your games.

In this guide we will run through each driver, their breaker, and what their signature vehicle can do on the race track.

Ultimo Barricado

  • Breaker – While active, Ultimo Barricaodo’s Breaker makes him immune to knockouts from AllStars or vehicles. Running him over won’t even phase him.
  • The Undisputed – his signature vehicle, The Undisputed has a breaker that will fortify the front of the vehicle with a shield, blocking any and all incoming damage and packing an extra punch in collisions.


  • Breaker – Her breaker allows her to reach maximum running speed in the arena. She can race towards collectibles, barge into targets at high speed, or quickly evade her opponents.
  • Callisto – her signature vehicle, Callisto, achieves super-speed and will do heavy damage against any it hits.


  • Breaker – her breaker unleashes a trail of fire behind her as she runs, any AllStar who passes through it will be ignited.
  • Wildfire – her signature vehicle, Wildfire, deploys a trail of fire that sets of vehicles and AllStars alight.


  • Breaker – Shyft’s breaker activates a cloaking device that will render him almost invisible, and will also keep him off the radar.
  • Cypher – Shyft’s signature vehicle, Cypher, can do the same thing, going almost invisible and disappearing from radar.

Blue Fang

  • Breaker – Anyone touching Bluefang when his breaker is active will be knocked down.
  • Shredder – his signature vehicle, Shredder, can shred anything inside and is equipped with massive sawblades that will chew other cars to shreds.


  • Breaker – Boxtop deploys parcels that give teammates an extra hand while knocking down any opponents who hit them.
  • Boxmobile – Slamming into an opponent’s vehicle while the breaker is active attaches a Boxtop drone to them. Drones barrage their targets with damaging fireworks.


  • Breaker – While active, Fuego’s breaker boosts his barges so they leave devastating pools of hire in his wake.
  • Cerberus – his signature vehicle, Cerberus, is equipped with multiple flamethrowers. Slamming enemies will also set them on fire.


  • Breaker – her breaker increases her strength and makes her more lethal, allowing her to KO other drives with one hit while barging them.
  • Sabre – her signature car, Sabre, activate an unbreakable blade that can slice through anything in its way. Slamming opponents will slice their vehicle in two.


  • Breaker – her breaker causes a powerful blast, barging and knocking down anything in her way.
  • Barong – her signature car, Barong, can emit a powerful blast the will damage enemy cars and other AllStars who are too close.

Angelo Avello

  • Breaker – his breaker allows him to blind and deafen other drivers with camera flashes and crowd noise.
  • Number One – his signature car, Number One, can target an enemy car, and track it down to smash into it, doing massive damage.

Tw!nkle R1ot

  • Breaker – her breaker allows her to repeatedly barge in a shot amount of time.
  • Mr. Sparkles – her signature car can put up bumpers that absorb damage, causing them to pulse. The bigger the hit he takes, the bigger the returning pulse.


  • Breaker – Jian’s breaker deploys proximity mines. Any vehicle that gets too close takes damage, while opponents on foot get knocked the ground.
  • Morningstar – Jian’s signature vehicle, Morning Star, puts out spikes that make ramming it a bad idea and will cause extra damage when you hit enemies.


  • Breaker – Harmony can blast our supersonic waves that damage enemies from a distance.
  • Crashnedo – her signature vehicle, Crashnedo, deploys speakers that blast enemies with sound waves, causing damage.


  • Breaker – can see cars, enemies, and objectives through walls while leaving a trail of hazards in his wake.
  • Xero – his signature vehicle, Xero, marks an enemy for attack. This causes them to take more damage from Xander and gives a reward if you take them down.


  • Breaker – Muna can generate a particle field that attracts nearby pickups and activates traps.
  • Gravitron – her signature vehicle, Gravitron, deploys a magnetic field that attracts scrap metal, creating an impenetrable shield.

Sgt. Rescue

  • Breaker – his breaker release smoke that obscures enemy vision.
  • Smoke Commander – his signature vehicle, Smoke Commander, covers any vehicle you slam in smoking, obscuring their view and radar.