How to unlock all classes in Tribes of Midgard

There are eight classes you can choose to play.

Image via Norsfell Games

You start Tribes of Midgard with the ability to play as two classes, a ranger or as a guardian. If you’re looking to try more of a ranged class, we recommend the ranger, but if you prefer an aggressive melee tank, the warrior class is an excellent choice. There are eight classes that you can play in the game, but you need to unlock the other six by completing certain challenges in the game. This guide details how to complete all of these challenges to unlock all of the classes in Tribes of Midgard.

These are all six of the classes you can unlock in the game. Several of them will take a few playthroughs to obtain, and it has to happen in Saga mode.

  • Berserker: Defeat 20 enemies in 10 seconds in a World 
  • Guardian: Defeat 3 Jötnar in a World 
  • Hunter: Activate all Shrines in a World
  • Seer: Use the Bifröst to exit 10 Worlds
  • Sentinel: Block 25 attacks in 10 seconds in a World
  • Warden: Survive beyond Day 15 in a World

Of the choices, we believe Berserker and Sentinel are likely going to take the longest to unlock. Being able to predict enemy attacks to effectively block 25 attacks in 10 seconds will take quite a bit, as will defeating 20 enemies in that same timeframe. You may want to aim for one of the easier classes, such as the Guardian, Hunter, Seer, or Warden. You might have an easier time unlocking the more difficult classes as a particular class.

You can play with friends in Saga mode, so you might find it easier to work together with friends to help take down more difficult foes as the seasons progress during your playthrough.