How To Unlock All Camp Toys In Pokémon Sword and Shield


Pokémon Camp is a new feature introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Gamers can access this from the menu screen. Players can set up a campsite and interact with the Pokémon in their current party. Camping also gives Pokémon some bonus experience points.

Players can speak with their Pokémon, and they can even cook special curry that uses berries as ingredients. Gamers can also play with their Pokémon with toys, and playing with the Pokémon increases their affection towards their trainer. Playing with a Pokémon also gives them extra experience points while camping.

At the start of the game, you only begin with two toys – Poké Toy, which is just a feather on a stick, and Poké Ball. Players can swing the Poké Toy in front of their Pokémon, and their Pokémon, in turn, will try to smack it. The Poké Ball is just a big ball that players can play fetch with.

However, players can unlock new toys for their Pokémon. These new toys unlock after they fill out their Curry Dex

In Sword and Shield, you carry around an encyclopedia of all the different kinds of curry you cook for your Pokémon throughout the game called the Curry Dex.

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You can show your Curry Dex to the Camping King in the Wild Area. The Camping King will be at the East Lake Axewell part of the Wild Area – he will be right next to the stairwell to Motostoke city. He will reward you with a new toy to play with your Pokémon while camping.

Serebii compiled all the toys that the Camping King rewards you with, and how many different curries you need to cook to gain these new toys.

  • Fresh Ball – 5 Kinds of Curry
  • Weighted Ball – 10 Kinds of Curry
  • Soothe Ball – 15 Kinds of Curry
  • Mirror Ball – 30 Kinds of Curry
  • Tympole Ball – 50 Kinds of Curry
  • Champion Ball – 80 Kinds of Curry

These new toys essential function the same way as a standard Poké Ball toy, and they don’t add any extra benefits. The new toys have various weights from a regular Poké Ball toy, and they move differently. For example, the Weighted Ball is heavier. The Sooth Ball jingles like a bell, and it is very light compared to the other balls.